Data Services in the Cloud


Data Science

KPI assists businesses with leveraging appropriate Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data and Cloud Computing technologies to discover hidden insights within their massive data sets and solve complex business problems. Our Data Scientists have worked on a variety of problems involving both structured and unstructured data sets such as loan default analysis, document classification, named-entity recognition and computer vision. As Deep Learning experts with industry specific expertise, we use the latest open source tools to provide our clients with first-rate solutions.

Data Engineering

KPI has experience with developing data pipelines from scratch, centralizing customer data in a data lakes and extracting meaningful insights for competitive advantage. Our services include pipeline development, data ingestion, file format conversions, data transformations, cleansing, developing data models, ETL, ELT, data enrichment and business analytics.

Cloud Services

Konnect's team assists clients with migrating production workloads to the cloud while meeting industry-specific compliance regulations. Typically clients work with our specialists and partners to define the cloud architecture with scalability, security, compliance (PCI-DSS, HIPAA, HITECH, etc), backup and DR issues in mind. We assist with compute / storage instance configuration, software / data deployment, testing and going live. The process concludes with complete client knowledge transfer. Our services include risk assessments, vulnerability scans, comprehensive monitoring, SLA management, internal audits and 24/7 Service Desk Management.


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