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When are the sessions conducted?

Tutorial sessions are scheduled after discussing the individual schedules of the student as well as the tutor. Sessions are often conducted on weekday evenings and weekend days.


How do you price your services?

Rates vary depending on subject, tutor, number of sessions, type of sessions (in-person/online). Unlike many of our competitors, we do not necessitate the purchase of volume-discounted blocks of tutorial sessions. Those can be purchased if and when the client sees the value in them. We do encourage that clients consider them once they have identified a tutor who suits their needs. 


Where are the in-person private tutoring sessions held?

When tutoring is conducted in person, the sessions are typically conducted at a public location such as a local library. They can also be held at the student's residence, when a parent can be present for the entire duration of the session. If there is significant travel involved for the tutor to meet the student onsite, there may be an additional fee.


What if I need to cancel a session?

If you need to cancel a session, we ask that you do so at least 24 hours in advance. A rescheduled session cannot be guaranteed to be scheduled before an upcoming event, such as a test date, if the dates are nearby.


Will we have the same instructor for each session?

Once a student-tutor relationship has been mutually identified as a productive one, we recommend that the same tutor be engaged until the original learning objectives have been reached.


I don’t have a flexible schedule. What are my options?

Konnect can build a tutoring package around a student's schedule and customized to fit his/her personality and needs.

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