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At Konnect Partners, we offer standardized test prep, subject tutoring, homework help, assistance in college selection, applications, essay writing. We understand that no two students have identical needs. Our process begins with a (no-cost) initial assessment, usually conducted over the phone or at the student's home in the presence of a parent. Following the assessment, we match students to our pool of qualified tutors. Our test-prep tutors have perfect or near-perfect recent scores in the same tests.
All tutoring is conducted either online or in-person. Tutoring is one-on-one or occasionally in groups no larger than 3.

Subject areas
  • Math

  • Science

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • College 

  • ADHD, Learning Disabilities

  • Summer School

  • K-12

  • Pre-K

  • Middle School

Test Prep
  • SAT

  • ACT

  • PSAT

  • PreACT



  • GRE

  • GED

  • College Essays

  • College Planning

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